Why Whistlefish Art Licensing?

Why Whistlefish Art Licensing?

There are many reasons why an agent is an essential companion for an artist but why choose Whistlefish? Well…

  • We have an extensive list of contacts within major companies seeking great art.
  • We will get you a great deal while protecting the quality of reproduction of your work. 
  • Our clear and concise pricing structure will give you clarity and assurance that your art is being sold for a fair price.
  • Our transparent payment structure will ensure you are always informed of which pieces of your art has sold and the peace of mind that you are being paid accurately and on time.
  • By allowing us to handle your contracts, you are allowed the time to focus on creating new imagery. 
  • We have years of experience in the art industry and working with manufacturers all over the world.
  • We invest countless hours and thousands of pounds in our reproduction, promotional activity and marketing plans, all to ensure you and your art is given the best possible platform to succeed.

We will be your partner in a two-way relationship where we will work tirelessly to help you achieve your aims. We don’t try to change your personal style or influence you to copy the techniques of other successful artists. Whether that is to be the creator of an exclusive card range, provide the perfect floral image for beautiful homewares or just to create an outlet for a wider audience to enjoy your designs.

We are always looking to represent new talent and would be pleased to receive samples of your work for consideration. Ideally sending us a selection of designs that showcase your full range of artistic styles and techniques. Send what best reflects you as an artist and don’t be put off if it is not a similar style to what we already have in our portfolio of artists. We are always excited to receive innovative, fresh and different designs!

A successful Whistlefish Art Licensing artist will not only have bags of talent but also be flexible, creative and responsive to market trends. 

Who will I talk to at Whistlefish Art Licensing?

We have a dedicated account team headed up by our Client Services Manager, Aymer Wilson, who will be the first person you communicate with here. Once under contract, one of our client services team will keep in regular touch with you, ensuring you are kept abreast of all interest in your work and answering any queries you have.