Marketing Your Art

How Do You Show My Art To The Industry?

Here at Whistlefish Art Licensing we pride ourselves on having the number 1 art licensing website in terms of visual aesthetic and ease of use for our clients. We guarantee that your portfolio will be given the best platform to be seen by our extensive list of clients just from being uploaded to our site.

Our website also features a regular blog which we use to give more detailed insight into our artists in the form of a ‘get to know’ feature. We also invest in digitally marketing the website, through Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Per Click and Display Advertising. This we do at our own cost to drive potential customers onto the site to view our artist’s work for their products and projects.

However, this is just the base level of what we do in terms of getting your art out there. Further to this we send out regular emails to all of our current and potential clients that showcases our artists and the current trending themes.

We plan to advertise regularly in industry specific magazines and we always ensure that we choose art from our network of artists to create the assets that will be printed.

We are extremely active on Social Media and once a new artist signs up to Whistlefish Art Licensing, we will follow a tried and tested launch plan which ensures maximum exposure for you and your work through these channels. We also endeavour to feature all of our artists regularly in posts to ensure they always remain at the forefront of our follower’s minds.

We will be regularly exhibiting at trade shows large & small across the country, raising the awareness of our artists work to hundreds of potential customers. By matching the art we feature on our stand with the type of potential clients likely to attend the specific shows we exhibit at, we find that we gain a great amount interest in our portfolio of art.

We also create a vibrant catalogue of our art on a regular basis, which we find is a fantastic sales tool to send to our clients, especially those who still prefer something physical to choose from instead of digesting everything digitally. As a Whistlefish Artist, you can expect to feature in these catalogues and for printed images of your work to be put in front of key decision makers at many manufacturers and retailers across the country and around the world.