Contract & Legal

Will My Contract Be Exclusive?

When you sign up with Whistlefish Art Licensing, we do not restrict your ability to work for other companies. However, we do insist on any work you agree to license out through us is exclusive to us in all territories and industries.

What Happens If We Have A Disagreement After The Contract Is Signed?

Although our contracts have dispute resolution mechanisms built in, the best way to resolve differences is to talk about them and work them out. In our experience, we have found that reasonable discussion has solved the majority of problems amicably.

Will I Retain My Copyright? 

Absolutely. You retain the copyright on your original work. 

How does it work in terms of Designs in Territories? 

Each of your designs that you contract through Whistlefish Art Licensing will be made available for third parties to license per product category & territory. Once a third party has licensed a piece of your artwork, they will have the rights to use it for their products in that specific category & territory only, during the time period that they have licensed the artwork for. This means your art could receive multiple licenses per piece and therefore you could make multiple fees from each one.

Will the client use/promote my name on the products?

Whilst we do understand the appeal for an artist to have their name used in conjunction with a product that displays an image they designed, we do not tie our clients into guaranteeing this. From our experience, we have found that it is not practical for most products and can negatively impact the client’s decision making process when choosing which designs to license. That is not to say that this is not a possibility and on occasion we have seen the artists name being used in the third products. Ultimately this will be clients decision

How Much Will I Earn?

We have a clear and concise earnings structure for our artist that simply means you will receive 50% of all net sales excluding VAT arising from your art being licensed to a client.

Your art will only be available for clients to purchase for fixed fee so working out your earnings from pieces of your work that have been licensed out as easy as 1, 2, 3.....

When Am I Paid?

Commissions are paid out on a monthly basis following receipt of a client payment to Whistlefish Art Licensing. So you can expect up to 12 payments per year that will encompass all of your work that has been sold through us.

Do You Buy My Original Artwork? 

No, you will maintain ownership and control of your originals. As soon as we have complete our photography to the standard we require, we will ensure your originals are returned to you.

How Accurate Is Your Accounting System?

We pride ourselves on our meticulous accounting controls, which assure that you are paid the proper amount each quarter. Our accounting system is fully automated and computerised, so every transaction is recorded and accounted for properly. In the unlikely event an error did arise, we would be pro-active and get in touch with you immediately.

What If I Have A Question About My Monthly Statement?

Not a problem, we are always available to discuss any questions you may have. Any queries on earnings will be investigated and our findings given to you promptly.